"We can no longer ignore the fact that the planet is finite"

Epistle of BYMG, 2012

Current world population (estimated):  

QCOP is a group of Friends (Quakers) in Britain. Our objectives are to help Friends within Britain Yearly Meeting to appreciate the dangers of global over-population, and to identify this as an appropriate area of interest for Friends.

The headlong increase of human numbers (11,000 per hour: a billion in twelve years) will impact all of our testimonies. The pressures of population are already causing conflict: the fact that over two hundred and twenty five million women have no access to modern contraception, and are thus unable to regulate their own fertility,is an affront to justice and equality. The rate of consumption is such that even now (and even with the levels of extreme poverty that exists) we are using natural resources at about 1 1/2 times the rate that the Earth can renew them, and this situation gets worse with every minute that passes. The mere fact of increase is unsustainable.


QCOP - Quaker Concern Over Population.