Upcoming Events 2022

Breeding Grounds during Quaker Week                                                                                                                                           After nine very successful performances of Breeding Grounds, the next one will be at Bewdley during Quaker Week (September 24th to October 2nd), followed by one at Friends House, Euston, on September 30th.  Watch the Journeymen Theatre’s website for a performance near you!              (https://www.journeymentheatre.com)

August 17 at 19.00: Members’ Evening to watch and discuss the film ‘8 Billion Angels’ – this is a 2020 American film which examines the effects of overpopulation and how humanity is depleting natural resources, and analyses possible solutions to implement before it is too late.  Followed by a Q and A session with the film’s producer. Zoom link to be sent to members.   Please see Flyer here 

October 12 at 19.00 Members’ Evening: ‘Is the world’s population really falling?’ – many Friends respond to our concerns saying: “but the population rate is falling!!”  Are they correct?  Speaker: Martin Earl, co-ordinator of the London Group of Population Matters. Zoom link to be sent to members.

October 15: Yorkshire Quakers’ meeting to explore the links between the crises we face.  Introduced by Quaker Peace and Social Witness and a peace professor and attended by a member of QCOP Steering Group.