Membership and Data Consent Form

From 25 May 2018, it is a legal requirement that we need your explicit consent to hold your data and to communicate with you. We ask that you fill in the form below, and send it either by email (preferred) or by post to the addresses shown on the form. To use the form, copy and paste it onto Word, complete and send to the address on the bottom as an attachment. Please note that the Membership secretary has an underscore before her surname in the email address, which doesn’t show up in the general underlining!

Quaker Concern Over Population (QCOP) Membership and Data Consent Form

As Quakers we seek to be clear and transparent in the work that we do and in our recording and use of your personal information. In order to forward the work of QCOP we need to collect and use personal data. For some of these data and our use of it we need your explicit consent. Please read the notes below, tick your agreement where applicable and return the form to the Membership Secretary whose contact details are given at the end of the form. We work to safeguard the information we use and we follow Britain Yearly Meeting’s Data Protection Policy which complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation of 25th May 2018.

We will keep your contact information and basic details secure in a listserve facility managed by a QCOP Friend. This information will be seen and used by the appropriate officers and committee members of QCOP only. This counts as “necessary information” under the General Data Protection Regulation.

I agree to this. Yes/No.         Date:………………………



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Phone Numbers:

We send occasional and printed newsletters and weekly email briefings to members and interested supporters: please indicate which you wish to receive.

email newsletter……………………..yes/no

printed newsletter……………………yes/no

email briefing………………………….yes/no

Please return this form to: The Membership Secretary, QCOP, email , or by post to 334 Westward Road, Ebley, Stroud, GL5 4TU.

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you wish to change any information/permissions. If we need to obtain other information or use the data we already have for other purposes, we will ask your permission to do this when the time comes.

May 2018