Quakers work for a sustainable planet, for a simple life-style, for peace in the world, and for equality. Our world can scarcely produce enough resources to provide water, food, fuel and living space for the current global population, so a continually-growing population strains the planet’s capacity to sustain the human race, as well as crowding out other species.

We are called to live simply, that others may simply live. In this simplicity, we can decide “One or two children is enough” or “I am content not to have children” and give up the urge to reproduce ourselves.

We encourage each other to seek out and eliminate the seeds of war in our lives and possessions. Over-population leads to conflict over the earth’s limited resources, so is one of the underlying causes of war; as we work for peace, we must look for and root out all that endangers human security and harmony.

Each human life has equal value; research shows that inequality within and between nations causes massive social and international strains (see ‘The Spirit Level’, by Wilkinson and Pickett). If we are all to cherish and sustain each person’s life, that life should be chosen and wanted, not casually conceived and born to become an extra burden on our fragile earth.

In quiet reflection, everyone can use common sense, discernment and modern family planning methods to choose abundant life for a sustainable level of the world’s population.

Beth Allen, Bromley Meeting.