QCOP Newsletter No.8, Spring 2021 Distribution of our booklet ‘Difficult Questions about Population’, ‘Any Questions session, an article on ‘Are the Aims of QCOP in tune with Quaker Values?’, Marie Stopes and her heritage, Communications Policy, supporting charities, the Hexham debate.

QCOP Newsletter No.7, Autumn 2020. Issue of new book ‘Difficult Questions about Population’ by Roger Plenty and others, and extracts from Florence Blondel’s article in ‘Population Voice’ giving a black woman’s view.

QCOP Newsletter No. 6, Spring 2020. QCOP at Kingston, a personal view: ‘Am I a white supremicist?’: creating the booklet ‘Difficult Questions’

QCOP Newsletter No. 5, Autumn 2019 QCOP at Yearly Meeting: ‘Quakers, Population and the Future of Humanity’ talk by Simon Beard: Culture  Change the Modern Way: New Zealand ‘an under-populated country?’

QCOP Newsletter No.4,Spring 2019. Discussion of the Depopulation Dividend: threat to the Sahel; a report from New Zealand: answers to difficult questions: talk to be given by Simon Beard at Yearly Meeting

QCOP Newsletter No.3, September 2018   QCOP is now a Quaker Recognised Body. Scientists’ Second Warning to Humanity reported. Report of Meeting at Jesus Lane FMH, Cambridge, 23 June. Report of Meeting at Gloucester FMH, 3 February

QCOP Newsletter No.2, November 2017   Report of QCOP activity at Warwick YMG. ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene!’. Two Population Matters leaflets.

QCOP Newsletter No.1, March 2017 Report of meeting at Southampton FMH, ‘Take a Jam Jar’, 29 October. Meeting of QCOP steering group members with representitives of QPSW and Church Governance at Friends House in January.Having a smaller family is the greenest thing one can do (murtaugh and Schlax)