1   UN concerned by population trends

4   OPT: We must…stabilise our numbers

9 Rapid population growth fuels conflict

11  New dimensions of population dynamics

12  Population and poverty

13 BMJ: Population growth and climate change

15   Famine: a lesson in Africa?

18  WHO: Climate change and FP: least developed countries

23   Pop and the Anglican Church of Australia

24   World’s leaders need plan to confront crisis

29  UN predicts 12 billion if FP falters

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39  Save the Children: population

45  Ryerson: to be pro-life, Vatican should lift contraception ban

47  OPT: News lobby ‘disgrace’ on population

49  The Pope and the Pill: church has laid ‘heavy burden’ 

53  General Synod Anglican Church Australia

77  Cursing condoms: the Vatican

84 Independent: This planet ain’t big enough for 6.5 milllion

98  UNFPA Frequently asked questions

102  An only child is a happy child, says research

105 Population policy and environment position statement

106  UN: Global hunger worstening

108  Porritt: A sustainable population

115  Public supports small families, smaller pops.

118  Contraceptives hard to come by for Filipinos

120    Life saving investment for the Philippines

122  The myth of 9 billion

124  Indonesia: what one individual can do

125  US Census Bureau projects 9.4bn

127  Horn of Africa shows FP need

129  Education: lower fertility, increased prosperity

136  2011: Planet soon to reach 7 bn.

138  UN called on to fulfil FP promises

139  What if pop. forecasts are wrong?

142  7 billion: global milestone

147  7 billion and climbing

149  Ehrlich: only 10% chance of avoiding collapse

150  Analyst warn of catastrophe

152 Stemming pop. growth is cheap way to limit climate change

156  Demographics loom large in state failure

160  The Cassandra dilemma

165  Two card trick and three card trick: deniers’ techniques

167  UAPS 2011: population, environment and conflict

171  The birth control solution

174  UK pop growth contributes to unemployment

176  Climate activists need to talk about population too

177  Dangerous abortions ‘on the rise’: WHO

179  Scientists ‘Warning to Humanity’

180 World must wake up to coming Sahel crisis

185 Philippines; pressure on fisheries

189  Pakistan:youth demand reproductive health education

191  Ethiopia gets on the pill

193  Pop growth drives water shortages

195 Islam and family planning

197 US census bureau projections

199 Smart planning for the global family

201 A response to critics of family planning programs

207 Majority of Catholics support including birth control…

210 Why do people vote against their own interests?

213 Association of TV and radio with reproductive behaviour

214 Population ‘biggest challenge’, Chief Scientist Beddington

217  Address pop. growth to increase well-being, people & planet.

218 Honduran court sweeping ban on emergency contraception

220 Chief scientist refutes Fred Pierce

223 Birth rate plummets in Brazil

226  Kenya govt. concern at high birth rate

227  Rwanda: Ntawukuliryayo urges legislators to tackle population

228 Civilisation faces ‘perfect storm’

230 Philipines: hope for family planning law (not fulfilled in 2017)

232 Kenya: Azad concerned about growing population

233  Dr. Cafaro ‘Climate ethics and population policy’

233 Ecologist article on Sir John Beddington’s comments on pop.

236  Blue Ventures, Madagascar

238  Civilization faces perfect storm of ecological and social problems

240 Monbiot fallacy: starting in the tenth para of this longer paper

241 Women’s groups and enviros ideal allies on contraception

243 Africa: time to tackle ‘last taboo of contraception and climate

245  Philippines cracks down on contraception: grim lessons

246 Best birth control is for men

248 Growth in contraceptive use stalling: 215m women’s needs…

249 Overshoot in a nutshell

250  More power for women, less climate pollution

251  The ‘Warning to Humanity’

253  Geldof call for women to have fewer children

255 Teen pregs highest in states with abstinence only policies

256 Irish catholics rejecting doctrine

258 Population Matters condemns coercion

262  Pope says US nuns too focussed on poor, not on gays

265 Population, consumption need to be stabilised

267 How to defuse sub-Saharan Africa’s population bomb

269 Opinion on overpopulation: rebuke to Fred Pearce

271 Pop. Still a problem: further rebuke to Fred Pearce

275 M. Gates’ new crusade: billions in womens health

278  Reproductive health is route to ending hunger and poverty

282 Vatican v. US Girl Guides

289 Population antidote: High school for girls

290 200m women: why not using contraception?

293 UN; population etc., are set to inflict irreversible damage

294 Jakarta: Indonesia ‘poster child’

296 ’10 more Birminghams by 2033′

297 Population growth at Rio Earth Summit

299  Elephant in the room at Rio summit

301 Why women’s needs must be discussed at Rio

303 Abortion proponents admit defeat at Rio

307  Vatican obstruction at Rio

311 Growth is madness: Smail

314 Rio, neglect of reproductive rights

316 Brazil a model for slowing population growth

318 Family planning: a key to prosperity

320 From abortion to contraception

321 Economies benefit from smaller families.

323 Turning tables on anti choice bullies

324 Michael Buerk: ‘Pop deniers must face demographic disaster

352 Immigration is an economic fix with side effects (PM)

353 Most think UK population ‘too high’

354 Gates summit aims to fill family planning gap

355 Nine pop. strategies to stop short of 9bn.

357 Phillipines: population poverty, politics and the RH bill

364 If the world’s pop. lived like…

367 The Lancet: making family planning a priorty

369 Ethics of population growth

370 Pop increase could force us to be vegetarians by 2050. qv 377

371 Infallibility and the population problem

377 Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism

379 Pontifical commission on birth control

381 Religious leaders affirm contraception as ‘moral imperitive’

383 Iran’s policy sent birthrate tumbling

385 Barnardos Ireland calls for cut in universal child benefit

386 Stress levels of major aquifers revealed by study

389 IUDs and implants are changing landscape

390 Wanted: new birth control choices for men

392 Contraceptive economics

394 Response to article in ‘Discover’ magazine

396 Full planet, empty plates: quick facts

397 ‘Prioritise population control’, Rwandan ‘The New Times’

399 ‘Do economists have frequent sex?’

403 Women’s choice key to reduce maternal deaths

405 Evangelical leader ‘We need FP to counter climate change’

407 Philippines contraception law signed (but see 934)

407 Philippines president signs law easing access to contraceptive

409 Pop. Growth takes toll on planet

411 Ryerson: Challenges of global population growth

420  Conservation, development to save Africa’s largest lake

423 Experts fear collapse of global civilization

428 Family planning should be a human right: Osotimehin

431 David Attenborough calls humanity a plague

435 Americans worried about runaway pop. growth

438 Girls and women: UK steps up support for womens rights

439 World population: the end of growth is improbable

440 UN: world lacks food, water and fuel as population soars

442 Iran’s programme to increase pop. may not work

444 It’s the Anthropocene!

445 Population and ecology

448 Six billion or fifteen billion? Tobias

452 Rwanda: contraceptive use not keeping pace with demand

452 ‘Unintended Pregnancy And Induced Abortion in Rwanda’

453 Exactly what’s the problem: growth or overpopulation?

458  Pop to reach 11 bn. by 2100 as Africa quadruples

459 Pop projected to reach 9.6bn. By 2050

460 Nigeria to have larger pop. than US by 2050

463 Overcrowded planet: failure of family planning

466 New UN pop. projections released: 2013

471 Food security weakening ‘on a scale we haven’t seen’

473 Rise and fall (again) of the dreaded birth dearth

475 Motherlode response to ‘Exactly what’s the problem?’

476 One child messaging ‘not a good idea’

477 List of states by fertility

477 Myanmar: two child limit for Rohingya muslims

479 Review of books by Dorling and Emmott

482  UN: Pop. projected to reach 9.6bn. By 2050

486 Why pop. decline stalled in Sub-Saharan Africa?

490 Global water shortages worse but nations have few answers

491 Pakistan’s new big threat is water

493 World Population Day interview with Robert Engelman

496  More than half growth will be in just 10 countries

498 http:/ Empowering girls to prevent early pregnancy

499  Reproductive health and environmental protection

500 Mythbusting at Internat. Conference on Family Planning

503 Work of Population Media Center

505 Allow women to make their own FP choices

507 http;// Pop. Matters: ‘Hans Rosling is ecologically illiterate’

510  ‘Close your eyes and think of Rome’

513 The Depopulation Dividend

515 People have overfilled world

516 Benefits from Japan’s ageing population: F. Pearce

517 Preposterous population forecasts for Africa

522 Access to family planning: your stories (Guardian)

525 Top ten policies for a steady state economy

531 ‘Motherhood in childhood’: UN on teen pregnancy

533 EU pop growth driving CO2 emissions

535 Vasalgel male contraception

537 Namibian women negotiate safer sex and FP

539 Math that predicted revolutions sweeping the globe

543 Ghana: Health minister calls for FP teaching in school

544 Uganda: call for women to embrace FP

546 Pakistan men want fewer children

548 Malawi: FP key to slowing population explosion

550  Radio interview, Bill Ryerson, Pop. Media Center

553  Unrelenting pop growth drives climate, extinction

557 Why are oceans, forests, biodiversity a population issue?

558 http;// Nigeria: govt aims at 35% contraceptive rate

559  Redesigning birth control in developing world

564 In FP, no one-size-fits-all approach

566  Important Indi article: why aren’t we talking about it?

570 Hey, UN: Climate change and population are related

572 Pope Francis and the Great Catholic Divide

574  Earth lost half wildlife in 40 years

577 Teenage girls, choice of free contraceptives, fewer abortions

579 When no news is bad news: under-reporting

582 FP yet to take hole in West Africa: change coming

584 Tackling the Population Taboo

589 World Food Prize disservice to Borlaug

591 Killer plague won’t save planet from us

592 Pop reduction is not a quick fix. See 594 for response

594 Response to ‘Pop reduction not quick fix’

597 Do not underestimate family planning

605 Green revolution trebles human burden on planet

608 Confusing contraception and abortion is tactic against both

610 The climate wars are already here

614 Modern birth control could prevent 15M unwanted pregnancies.

619 Teaching about sex and relationships

622  Unspeakable connection: population and climate change

622 Slow pop growth could provide 16-29% required reductions

624  Growing pop threatens worlds largest mangrove forests

626 Climate and pop are linked-maybe not as you thought

628 Catholics: argument for pill

631 Religious leaders unite to promote FP

633 Ethiopia strives to control its pop. growth

635 Ehrlich: Population Redux. Rebuttal of Naomi Klein etc.

637 Paper by Murtaugh and Schlax

638 Birth control can help the planet

646 Family planning should be a human right: Dr. Osotimehin

647 Bangladesh: how it achieved ‘amazing’ statistics

648 Birth control and the human-wildlife connection

651 ‘Empty landscape’ as large herbivores vanish

653 Papua N.G.’s women ‘desperate for contraception’

656 The benefits of smaller families

660 Why ocean health is better and worse than you think

662 UNICEF: Africa’s pop could hit 4 bn by 2100

665  Four out of five scientists agree population is a challenge

667 ‘God commanded’ family planning says Muslim leader

669 Japan’s ageing shd. be seen positively not negatively

671 UN warns of 40%water shortfall by 2030

672 ‘Westerners don’t appreciate how amazing contraception is’

674 Burma’s birth control exposes Buddhist fear of Muslims

677 Hijacking the Anthropocene

682 A third of world’s biggest groundwater basins in distress

684 UK population 2014

686 Ethiopia: religious figures increasingly support FP

688 Africa: 1bn under 18s by mid century: angry youth?

690 Vatican: extremism cloaked in diplomacy

694 Guardian: how to teach population

697 Rural men resist family planning

699  Colorado’s success against teen pregnancies

702 Hardly any women regret abortion, study.

703 Suggested correction to UNDESA world pop. report

705 Food shocks ‘more often because of extreme weather’

707 Australia suffers as population grows

710 How many Earths do we need?

714 July (2015) hottest month on record

716 We are literally farming ourselves out of food

721 Without humans, the whole world would look like Serengeti

723 Infrastructure can no longer support Nigeria’s population

724 Africa’s challenging demographic future

730 Family planning: a major environmental emphasis

732 Why 222 million women can’t get birth control they need

734 If Pope Francis really wanted to fight climate change…..

737 Ethiopian women having fewer children than their mothers

739 Pakistan: ‘Population growth problem critical as polio’

741 Poll shows wide support for birth control access in US

743 Abortion opponents: watch what they do, not what they say

745 Long ignored, pop. becoming issue in climate discussions

748 Guatemala bans child marriage

749 Record 290 million in poor nations using contraception

751 Record no. of women using FP, but short of target

752 Nigeria: Stigma deters young from accessing contraception

754 Unprecedented numbers using FP in poorest countries

756 Population education for 21st century

757 The dot video: displays history of pop.growth

758 Ghana: improving FP uptake

761 More countries want more babies

764 Mali: conflict shape of things to come?

767 $1 spent on FP saves one ton of CO2

768 How FP could help slow climate change

772 Study: free birth control slashes abortion rates

774 Climate is in crisis but population threat is worse

777 Pakistan: Pres Mamoon calls for steps to slow boom

779 Fish stocks declining worldwide: climate change blamed

781  Part of article which plays down importance of population

782 Refutation of last: heated discussion of article

786 Peru: forcible sterilised women find their voice

788 Scientist unwilling to stand publicly

791 Huge hidden cost of population growth

794 Drop in unintended preg. behind decline of abortion

796 Development: slow down population growth

802 FP lowers abortion rates

806 Earth needs renewed attention to population growth

808 Nigeria: this is a time bomb..

810 Middle East: rising pop. and less water exacerbate conflict

814 Kenya Statistics project ‘very frightening prospects’

816 World loses trillions of $ annually from land degradation

818 Most people think UK population ‘too high’

821 How right contraceptive can change woman’s life

823 Bangladesh: natural resources and rising consumption

825 Niger: the young attempting migration

828 Namibia: Mothers with many children usually poor

828 Tanzania: why FP must be available for all

829 Kenya: politicians warned not to encourage large families

829 Ghana: FP crucial to achieving development goals

830 Uganda should get family planning messages right

832 Complex factors involved in family fertility decisions

835 World heading for catastrophe over natural disasters

838 Nepal: flowers and femidoms-wedding website advises

840 Bangladesh sharing knowledge with Sahel countries

843 China and India will be hardest hit by food shock

845 Philippines: 3-child policy proposed

847 India: beyond sterilization

849 Guardian: FP the unsung human right

851 Africa: population boom danger and opportunity

854 Myanmar: desperate need for family planning

857 Birth control via App finds footing under political radar

860  Great Barrier Reef catastrophe laid bare

863 Family Planning an investment – Bongaarts

865 World pop in six eye catching charts

869 Water scarcity: population trumps climate

872 FP is key development goal: only 1% assistance goes to it

873 Uganda: rampant contraceptive stock-outs frustrate FP

875 Middle East heat wave: global warming’s curtain raiser?

878 Reductions in fertility will result in emission reduction

878 Should we be having kids in age of climate change?

883 Men & contraception: necessary disruption of status quo

886 Malawi: poverty, drought, felling trees imperil water supply

889 Madagascar: Blue Ventures combine FP with ecology

892 Nigeria: facing ‘famine like no one has ever seen’

893 Bioethicist: climate change calls for fewer children

897 Family planning a key goal that needs greater investment

898 Melinda Gates on ending inequalities between sexes

901 India: activists welcome ban on sterilization camps

903 Kenya: integrating tree conservation and health clinics

905  Africa’s growth could undermine sustainability goals

909 Resources limited and consumption trend unsustainable

913 Pop ‘not as bad …’. Response on 969,

920 ‘Why Nigeria must take family planning serious’

922  Zimbabwe: women defy cultural norms

924 Papua NG. Marie Stopes urges support of FP

926 Rwanda: Family Planning Myths hurting delivery of service

928 Economic growth, equity, resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa

932 Bolivian water crisis as glaciers vanish

934 Philippines: denying women FP is cruel, unjust

935 S. Madagascar, drought stricken, faces famine

938 Students studying Kolbert’s ‘Sixth Extinction’

940 Climate change could render Sudan ‘uninhabitable’

944 Why are women not using contraceptives?

947 The Depopulation Dividend

949 Modelling sustainability: population, inequality, consumption

952 Does child survival limit family size?

954 Why development initiatives must consider family planning

956 Dutch response to Trump’s ‘Gag Rule’

960 How many species are we losing?

962 Biologists say half of all species extinct by 2100

965 Rwanda: New bill seeks to guarantee reproductive health

967 Ballooning population fuels nightmare in Africa

969 Response to 913: pop ‘not as bad’

972 Humanity’s Gamble: Paul and Anne Ehrlich

974 2009 Guardian article: Baby emissions fuel global warming

976 Human ecological predicament: wages of self delusion

978 Catastrophe looms: is it ethical to have children?

981 Trump ‘Gag Rule’ will restrict $8.8 billion in US aid

985 Call to end harassment of women by anti abortion protesters outside clinics

 988 Population Crisis – a Call to Arms

990 World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: a Second Notice

995 Does climate change make it immoral to have kids?

998 Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

1001 Oceans suffocating: dead zones quadruple since 1950