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Roger Plenty, Nailsworth

Trump’s ‘Gag Rule’ and the international response. The reintroduction of the Gag Rule by President Trump was a blow to family planning services worldwide. It stipulates that no US overseas aid money will be given to any organisation providing or practicing abortions. (see USA in ‘Around the World’)

As a consequence, a hastily convened ‘She Decides’ conference in Brussels has resulted in some 50 governments pledging over $100m (2 March). UK has sent an observer but has not yet committed any resources. Organisers hope to raise $600m. This Guardian article explains.

It is possible for individuals to donate directly to ‘She Decides’, on . My only reservation is that if you donate to Marie Stopes International, you can make use of Gift Aid. She Decides is not (yet) a registered charity.

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‘Africa’s child brides ‘to reach 310 million as continent’s population grows’, on , from the Telegraph, 26.Nov.2015. UNICEF has warned that the increasing population will result in the number of girls being forced to marry before they reach 18 may double by 2040


 ‘World Population could rise by three billion more than expected’, on , from The Independent of 18 Sep. 2014