Introduction: Index of Articles on Population etc.

This section is a collection of articles on population growth made between 2011 and 2018. They are from newspapers and magazines from around the world, and have been mainly supplied by Population Media Center. There are about three hundred articles in this collection.

There are two indices. The first is a ‘List by Subject’, each subject with a page number. The second is a ‘List of Links’, in which pages are listed with a tinyurl to provide a link to the net, and a brief title or description. Unfortunately, not all the articles I have a record of are accessible on the net, so there are some gaps: also, because many articles are two or more pages long, the intermediate pages may not be mentioned

If you want to see what there is on any particular subject, look to the ‘List by Subject’ to see if there is an entry: note its number, and then look on the ‘List of Links’ to see if there is a link, and follow it. Alternatively, you can turn to the ‘List of Links’ and scan it until you find a subject of interest.

In the ‘List of Links’, some particularly significant articles are in red.

Note that the page numbers give an indication of age of the article. Item 1 is dated February 2011. You should keep in mind that the older articles may be out of date, and try consulting later ones to see if things have altered