Woodbrooke weekend on Climate Change

The following letter has been sent to QCOP members

Dear QCOP Member,

The most effective individual steps to tackle climate change are being ignored.

A Woodbrooke weekend (Nov 24th -26th) has been arranged to consider some of these difficult and challenging individual steps: international travel, the food we eat and having one fewer child. Pam Lunn’s lecture at Yearly Meeting Gathering six years ago ‘Costing not less than everything’ inspired us to include as one of our Quaker testimonies, care for the human impact on the future of the planet. Keeping up our commitment to this testimony needs continuous attention.

This weekend will provide opportunities to hear guest speakers, to share our experiences of actions we have started (or stopped, or intend to do) following Pam Lunn’s lecture and to learn from one another. A QCOP member will be one of the speakers on Saturday morning.

The session on ‘Difficult conversations’ planned for the Sunday morning promises to be particularly relevant to population issues.

More information about the weekend and how to book are available:

‘Costing not less than Everything: The Swarthmore Lecture Revisited’. November 24 – 26, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, 1046 Bristol Road, Birmingham B29 6LJ. Tel. 0121 472 5171 enquiries@woodbrooke.org.uk www.woodbrooke.org.uk

It would be great to see you there!

In Friendship, June New

On behalf of the QCOP Steering Group www.qcop.org.uk



QCOP goes to Gloucester Saturday 3rd February 2018

A chance to meet and discuss with other Friends and members concerned about global population issues. This will be a more structured face to face meeting than our usual 6 monthly ones, with two aims:

-To be accessible to our QCOP members and others in Southern England, giving a chance to discuss a Quakerly perspective on global population issues.

-To address the question of, “Why concern about population issues is a necessary response to the Canterbury Commitment (Minute 36)”, i.e. Its place in the sustainability debate. We need this debate for dialogue with QPSW and Meeting for Sufferings.


Please tell us if you hope to attend so we can buy enough satsumas!

1.00 – 2.00 Bring your packed lunch and meet like-minded others. Teas, coffee and satsumas provided.

2.00- 4.00 Discussion facilitated by a fellow QCOP member and others.

Gloucester station is a 10 minute walk away. The venue is a listed building in the heart of this historic city:  Gloucester Quaker Meeting House, Greyfriars, off Southgate, GL1 1TS

(Meeting website and directions: glosquakers.org/local-meetings/gloucester/   )

Enquiries to Cherry Foster, the_fosters@btinternet.com  or qcop.org.uk