Yearly Meeting Gathering, University of Warwick

Tuesday 1st August 14.30 -15.30    Venue: Sciences LT4

Population growth: choice, education and development.

A talk by Ann Le Mare, Quaker and retired lecturer from Durham University. A presentation from a global perspective looking at solutions to the population crisis through interventions that address the desire and need for large families, with priorities for future action. Followed by discussion and questions.

Get a grasp on the complex urgent issue of Global Population and have your say

“We can no longer ignore the fact that our planet is finite” BYM Epistle 2011

Tuesday 1st August  7 pm  Groups Fair QCOP stall

Talk to QCOP members and sample resources. We welcome your ideas and comments


Woodbrooke-  Weekend of November 24th-26th 2017

Part of a weekend looking at “difficult issues within sustainability.” Presentation provided by QCOP, with other members assisting. Details will be forthcoming in Woodbrooke’s Spring brochure.