Saturday 12 October; Seminar “Responses to the Future?”

This seminar will be presented by the Planet Centred Forum: ‘This, for all of us, is the challenge: to answer the questions posed by our situation.’ This should be a significant event

It will take place in the Priory Rooms in Bull St., Birmingham at 10.00 on the 12 Oct. The main speaker will be John Guillebaud, Emeritus Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, UCI.  ‘Professor Guillebaud’s vision was and is that humankind’s – and one’s personal – environmental footprint must be drastically reduced, along with stabilizing then reducing the number of feet:  the number of planet-trashing humans.  Its increase in 200 years from 1000 to 7,800 million is the “upstream” cause of the climate emergency…’

Details of the event are on . Please note that  booking is recommended